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Servicios Médicos Hispanos; Cury & Associates, Inc.;

RRG Medical Practice; Dr. Michael Berry,

Mr. Mohammed Rahaman (Apollo Imaging) president;

Dr. Benjamin Mason, Dr. Mayra Mahadin, Mr. Rogelio Fernández (3 J's Pharmacy);

Dr. Salvador Pérez, Dr. Julio Palma, Dr. Rafael Rodríguez,

Dr. Marian David, Dr. Irael Aviles

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THE HISPANIC/LATINO CULTURAL CENTER OF NEW YORK, INC is a Not For Profit --501 (c) (3)-- Organization founded April 23, 2006 dedicated to promoting cultural activities. Our main activity is THE HISPANIC/LATINO BOOK FAIR OF NEW YORK recognizing a member of the community who has opened doors through his or her work for the Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S.A. The BOOK FAIR takes place the third weekend of September.

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