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To create, form and establish a cultural organization to promote the Hispanic/ Latino culture; to introduce Hispanic and Latino culture to the general public through poetry readings, presentation, storytelling, art exhibitions and creative workshops; to provide activities dedicated to preservation and continuation of Hispanic/Latino culture; to stimulate, foster and increase interest in the nation and community cultural and social events; to aid, assist, cooperate, sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with private and governmental agencies and organizations on cultural, charitable and other programs to benefit Hispanic/ Latinos residing in The United States; to promote the celebration of Hispanic/ Latino events and traditional festivities.

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THE HISPANIC/LATINO CULTURAL CENTER OF NEW YORK, INC is a Not For Profit --501 (c) (3)-- Organization founded April 23, 2006 dedicated to promoting cultural activities. Our main activity is THE HISPANIC/LATINO BOOK FAIR OF NEW YORK recognizing a member of the community who has opened doors through his or her work for the Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S.A. The BOOK FAIR takes place the third weekend of September.

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